About Us


About Us

From The Streets Offline To The Online Hemispheres.
We Make Millionaires Every Day. At Least One Lucky Millionaire Every Day. For Many Years In Russia, Usa, Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe.
You Maybe The Next Lucky Millionaire With As Little As $0.005 You Can Enter A Wining Draw.  Remember, This Is Not A Football Betting Unfortunate Trials and Errors. Everyone Ends Up A Winner Some Days At A Time On Their Lucky Days...

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1MDaily 100% Trusted

Rated Best Lotto Draw

We have been rated the best lotto draw that took off from the streets offline to the online digital environments

Quick Deposits

Deposits are usually quick since most available payments options are automatic making it almost 98% immediate.

Fast Withdrawals

Though withdrawals have some manual works due to crypto networks variations and processing times, however it has been very reasonable so far.

Verified Testimonials

Reviews by a few selected winners.

Wining was what i least expected.... i actually wanted to just give it a try after my lady wont let me rest 'lol' i did lost a few cashes i got discouraged came back after about a month and boom... i got a win just like that. thank you so much everyone and thank you so much dear Nastya


Vladislav Sergey


1mdaily, you rock! i am not a financial expert i am not urging you to stake all you moneys playing lotto here or anywhere but you just cant tell how lucky you may become. i would just say i was lucky enough to have given it a try and it turned out well for me i dont know if it would be for every body but making this type of money i wont from here would take me well over 5years.


Austin Ryan

Dairy Farmer

I was addicted to football betting, but when i saw your website i felt it could take away my addiction from the impoverished football betting i was addicted to. so i decided to give it a try, though i dint actually win at the first instance but as at today i would say i made my first million online from here though i too the risk of trying several times.. i am here just to say a very big thank you..


Yanelle Ulrich

Cab Driver